Accelerate dashboard development by leaps and bounds.

After years of building award-winning custom dashboards, we developed a faster, better way to approach business intelligence tools.

The Skip platform provides the infrastructure every dashboard needs — at a fraction of the cost and time. On top of that, we integrate your data sources and build a custom user interface. This hybrid approach gives you a fit-for-purpose solution with a custom look and feel.

We created GitHealthy to demonstrate the power of Skip.

Why GitHealthy?

Because better collaboration leads to quality code and effective delivery.

GitHub is the world's leading software development platform. In fact, with 24 million users from 200 countries, GitHub has revolutionized software delivery.

GitHub allows you to see who changed what code, when and why. The more people you have working on a project, the more important this is. But just because you're using GitHub doesn't mean you're using it well. Your Github habits matter.

The benefits of GitHealthy

Measurement is the first step  to improvement.

GitHealthy grades the health of your GitHub repos, measuring how well teams are complying with best practices for commits, branches and pull requests.

The criteria for each grade are configurable, so you can establish expectations for your own organization. And when teams don't meet them, they can drill down to see why, and even find tips on how to improve.

"Using Skip, we transformed GitHealthy from an idea to a working, mobile-first dashboard in just six weeks. We'd love to bring the power of Skip to your idea."
Jay Hogan, App Dev Lead at SingleStone

Jay HoganApplication Development Lead at SingleStone

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